In the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the Albert Haller Playfields provide nearly 14 acres of first-class grass for the community of Sequim in a portion of the City of Sequim’s Water Reuse Demonstration Site. Sequim Family Advocates (SFA) built these playfields in 2011 with the generous support of the Albert Haller Foundation and many other donors, along with donated labor and materials from local businesses and heroic efforts of local volunteers.

What looked during construction like a rock quarry is now luxuriant grass with a state of the art irrigation system that uses reclaimed water. The project also provides ADA-accessible parking, better access to the Olympic Discovery Trail, improved walking paths, low impact development strategies for stormwater runoff, and interpretive signs. These multi-use playfields are a smart investment in the health of our children, families, and community. The total project value is estimated at $1,544,000 including the land donated by the City of Sequim.

Uses of the Playfields include league play by Sequim Junior Soccer, Storm King Soccer Club, and the Sequim Adult Soccer League, as well as 3 v 3 tournaments, referee training, coaching clinics, high school soccer practices and a variety of recreational uses by the public. In addition, the Playfields are the site of the annual Dungeness Cup soccer tournament, which brings soccer teams and fans from all over the state to Sequim and injects an estimated $300,000 annually into the local economy. The Playfields also provide open space for concerts, festivals, and community events. The City of Sequim owns and maintains the fields; SFA schedules use of the fields for organized sports activities under a 20-year lease agreement with the City.